We’re committed to building a culture of belonging, respect,
and inclusion.

“2U’s focus on eliminating the back row in education creates more ways for people to positively impact their lives through education, access, and opportunities. We hold ourselves to a higher accountability and lead with empathy as we foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable place of work.”


Making an impact together.

Learn more about our employee-led DEI councils and
business resource networks (BRNs) below.

Logo for Mosaic

Mosaic’s mission is to promote a culturally-inclusive community at 2U by advocating to
our leadership, empowering employees, and celebrating our differences to honor diverse perspectives
and our intersectionality. We want to be the visible leader in the creation of a workplace free
of prejudice and bias through institutional change.


2Q is the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual/Allies BRN. We serve as a strategic partner with 2U to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Ability Resource Network logo

Ability Resource Network (ARN)

The Ability Resource Network (ARN) is on a mission to provide a sense of community and amplify the voices of individuals with varying capabilities through the facilitation of supportive, inclusive, and accessible spaces.

Asian Pacific Islander Network (APIN)

The mission of the Asian Pacific Islander Network is to achieve equity by fostering a prominent space and advocating for API people through intentional engagement, heightened awareness, and joyous celebration.

Black Engagement Network (BNet)

BNet offers a forum for networking, professional development, and belonging for Black/African Americans.

Parents and Caregivers Network (PCNet)

The mission of PCNet is to support fellow caregivers as professionals by creating an inclusive environment, building opportunities for networking, advocacy, and support, and raising broader awareness about caregiver experiences.


The TuGente BRN mission is to advance growth and opportunity for our members. Together we have created a network oriented towards breaking down obstacles we face individually and as a Latinx community.

Womxn’s Alliance Network (W.A.N.)

The Womxn’s Alliance Network (W.A.N.) is on a mission to educate and empower womxn and allies to energize their personal and professional spaces with our stories in order to influence structural and cultural change at 2U.

Black African Resource Network (B.A.R.N.)

The Black African Resource Network’s (B.A.R.N.) mission is to foster diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for 2U’s African employees, with a specific focus on the shared experiences of employees from historically underrepresented groups. B.A.R.N. aims to promote a workplace culture where people exist, and navigate spaces within the business, without the fear of being seen as lesser than based on their race, culture, religion and ethnicity, while embracing being lifelong learners of different cultures and ethnicities.

Jewish Employee & Ally Network (JEAN)

The Jewish Employee & Ally Network (JEAN) is a BRN for Jewish 2U employees and allies, which seeks to foster a vibrant community that can enhance the employee experience for Jewish 2U employees and the broader 2U community as a whole.

“Relationships Matter at 2U, and our ongoing commitment to DEI creates a sense of ‘familia’ in our daily mission of eliminating the back row in education.”


Be you at 2U.

We strive to offer a workplace where every employee feels empowered by all the ways we are different, as well as the ways in which we are the same.

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